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These sites provide a good overview of the claims for and against fluoridation, and some objective science on the subject.
There are many sites apart from those listed here, and you should do your own research.
We will provide further links as this site is developed.

Neutral web sites

These web sites are for organisations taking a neutral stance on fluoridation.

Second Look:

Second Look reflects the concerns and position of the NZ Fluoridation Information Service:

"Second Look is a national non-profit initiative (a Tides Center project) that evolved from grassroots frustration with public policies that are so controversial that useful, factual information becomes almost impossible for the public and even professionals to sort out. Second Look's main goal is to facilitate full public and scientific examinations of public policy issues that have become obscured by media treatment (or lack thereof), or by political rhetoric, or because of the inaccessibility of accurate information to relevant constituencies. We seek to connect with science, health, environmental, and academic organizations and professionals."

International Society for Fluoride Research:

NZ school dental statistics.

<The Fluoride Debate
This site contains a number of questions and responses from the American Dental Association on the one hand, and anti-fluoridation scientists on the other. It gives fair space to both. For this reason it is listed as neutral, although it concludes that the anti-fluoridation case is the stronger.

Pro-fluoridation web sites

These are the main links for organisations promoting fluoridation. NZ district health boards simply repeat the content of the main promoters' web sites, often copying them verbatim.

NZ Ministry of Health:

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

American Dental Association:

Anti-fluoridation web sites

These are the main web sites of organisations opposing fluoridation.

Fluoride Action Network (USA):

Fluoride Action Network NZ: (Has considerable NZ-specific information)