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Symptoms of long-term fluoride poisoning

There are three main common areas of clearly attributable individual harm arising from fluoride:

  1. Dental Fluorosis
  2. "Arthritis", actually Stage I skeletal fluorosis
  3. Chemical intolerance reactions in susceptible individuals (estimated about 1% to 3% of the population

We are actively seeking people wishing to join a class action for compensation for harm they have experienced due to water fluoridation.

Dental Fluorosis

In setting an "optimal intake" of 1 mg per day of fluoride, 10% was considered acceptable "collateral damage". The York Review found levels of 50%, with 8% classifies as "severe."

Although proponents claim fluorosis is merely cosmetic, it is in fact the first sign of chronic fluoride poisoning. The fluoride poisons soft tissue body cells that then cause teh symptom of dental fluorosis - dental fluorosis is NOT caused by direct action of fluoride on the teeth. It would be less of a concern if is were. What is significant is that it is only caused by systemic, not topical fluoride, and only before the tooth erupts, that is before fluoride could possibly do any good.

Fluoridated araes of NZ have twice the rate of dental fluorosis as unfluoridated araes - 30% of children are affected (compared with 15%). This is generally mild, although some moderate dnetal fluorosis occurs. Howeever even mild fluorosis can have a significant psychological impact on children, according to Australian research.

Skeletal Fluorosis/ Arthritis

A lifetime exposure can lead to skeletal fluorosis, with similar initial symptoms to arthritis, which has increased markedly in recent years, and may in fact be misdiagnosed skeletal fluorosis as acknowledged by WHO - In 1970 the World Health Organisation published the following:

"At higher levels of ingestion - from 2 to 8 mg daily, skeletal fluorosis may arise ... Whereas dental fluorosis is easily recognised, the skeletal involvement is not clinically obvious until the advanced stage of crippling fluorosis ... early cases may be misdiagnosed as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis.?
- Fluorides and Human Health, 1970 pages 239-240

Chemical Intolerance

As with even commonly harmless and beneficial substances like Aspirin or Penicillin, some individuals are allergic to fluoride. Symptoms range from mild gastrointestinal disorders through to debilitating Chronic Fatigue and in rare but clinically documented cases, death.

Common symptoms include:

Persons with such complaints have appeared everywhere fluoridation has been introduced. In Hastings individuals found their symptoms disappeared upon going on holiday or changing water supplies. A number appeared before the Fluoridation Commission of Inquiry, who refused to believe their symptoms arose from Fluoridation, even though they matched the symptoms documented around the world, which were also presented to the Commission. In Windsor, Canada, the same symptoms appeared even though the water was fluoridated secretly, precluding the possibility of autosuggestion.

The Public Health Commission in 1995 accepted the existence of such persons and recommended steps be taken to identify, assess, and safeguard their health. The Ministry has done nothing.

Individual cases

Case of a Wellington resident

Upon moving to Wellington I gradually became overcome by chronic fatigue. I could not work. Even walking 100 metres would leave me exhausted for the day.

I had income protection insurance. My insurer paid for rehabilitation training. Eventually I could work 3 hours per week. By chance I began work in unfluoridated Petone at this time. I was gradually able to extend my hours, but always had a " foggy head" by afternoon and could not focus on work.

While on holiday I found Dr Bruce Spittle's book Fluoride Fatigue. I immediately recognised my symptoms. I trialled both fluoridated and unfluoridated water to be sure this was the cause.

Upon using only unfluoridated water for drinking and cooking, my chronic fatigue rapidly disapperaed. I amazed my rehabilitation trainers by completing training programmes quickly, when they did not expect me to finish at all.

I am now completely free of my symptoms, and even ran a leg of the Round Lake Taupo race shortly after my recovery.

Open letter from this person

I have recently discovered that I have a chemical intolerance to fluoride, such that use of fluoridated water had caused my chronic fatigue. Rehabilitation training had failed to correct this condition, until I ceased using fluoridated water for drinking and cooking. I now have to source uncontaminated water from the Petone public facility.

This also means I cannot dine at any Wellington restaurants without going into relapse due to the fluoridated water used in food and drink preparation at those restaurants.

My wife and I are currently looking to buy a home. In practice, I realistically can only buy in an unfluoridated area, such as Petone.

I understand that research has shown since 1961 that an estimated 1% of the population has some level of intolerance to fluoride, as I do. Typical symptoms have been documented for over 50 years. I also note that the Public Health Commission in 1995 recommended this issue be studied, but the Ministry of Health refuses to do so. I also understand that neither medical school teaches doctors to recognise fluoride toxicity, so I am lucky I came across the relevant information when I did.

As a result of my situation I have studied information on fluoridation.

It is my assessment that the evidence shows that fluoridation is not effective in reducing tooth decay.

More importantly, it is my assessment that the risk of adverse health effects has been well demonstrated in the scientific literature, and this risk far outweighs any minimal benefit that may be claimed to teeth.

I also consider that fluoridation is mass medication, in breach of my rights not to be medicated. It is simply not possible to avoid fluoride in all cases, as it gets into food and beverage products without labelling requirement.

Letter to the Kapiti Mayor by a Waikanae resident

The Mayor Jenny Rowan
Kapiti Coast District Council


Dear Ms Rowan

A local GP specialising in workplace toxins and allergies has recently confirmed that I have a chemical sensitivity to fluoride. My symptoms of intermittent but persistent eczema, troubling digestive disorders, back pain, muscle soreness and more recently severely itching skin are all consistent with chemical sensitivity. They have been intensifying slowly over the past twenty or so years but have abated completely since the cause was identified three months ago and fluoride ingestion avoided. I do not know how badly my health would eventually have become compromised if I had not made the discovery of my chemical sensitivity but I suspect that I would have succumbed to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or worse.

In urging the KCDC to reconsider the fluoridation of our tap water, I ask you to consider the following points:

It has been shown that 1% of the population is sensitive to fluoride.

The population of the Kapiti Coast is roughly 46,500. Therefore 460 plus residents are likely to be having their health compromised by their water supply. Many may be receiving inappropriate or unnecessary medication through incorrect diagnosis of their symptoms, as I had been for some time.

This person has since moved from kapiti to an unfluoridated area, for health reasons.