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New Plymouth - potential claimants

New Plymouth residents have a short window of opportunity to identify chemical intolerance to fluoride and join a class action law suit.

URGENT: This was posted on Godlikeproductions.com forum Fluoride in our water?. Would the writer please contact us:

"Recently the city I live in, New Plymouth, New Zealand, held a referendum on the fluoride in our water debate. Just a simple yes or no to the question "do you want it?" The answer was a resounding No. After 6 weeks without, pain from old injuries and osteoarthritis was nearly gone, also Asthma, which I have held off with inhalers for 43 of my 51 years, has hardly bothered me, when I am usually getting through 1 Ventolin inhaler and 1 Seretide inhaler every 3 weeks..also, I'm feelin stronger with slightly more energy and thinking a bit clearer. Coincidence? Maybe"


This action will be against the Ministry of Health, NOT the New Plymouth District Council.

Following the Council's decision of 13 October, fluoridation of New Plymouth's drinking water will cease some time in November. Those with an intolerance to fluoride will notice a steady or rapid decline in their symptoms.


If you experience a decline, first ask your doctor if s/he would test you for fluoride intolerance. If your doctor declines, please contact us and we will try to direct you to one that will. DO NOT contact the Medical Officer of Health - he has a conflict of interest as his job includes promoting and protecting fluoridation policy.

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Advertisement for Litigants Placed

On Saturday 10 December 2011 Fluoridegate Legal Action placed an advertisement in the Taranaki Daily News, calling for litigants in a class action law suit against the Ministry of Health.

The following article also ran in that edition:

Lawsuit over fluoride effects
Taranaki Daily News



New Plymouth residents suddenly feeling perky after the cessation of water fluoridation are being asked to join a lawsuit action against the Health Ministry.

Fluoridegate Legal Action NZ is advertising today to find people who might have had a chemical intolerance to fluoride and would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit against the ministry.

The advertisement states that those suffering from chronic fatigue, gastric and digestive problems requiring medication, skin problems and tingling nerves in fingers or toes might have a chemical intolerance to fluoridation. If so, their symptoms might be disappearing.

In October the New Plymouth District Council unexpectedly decided to stop fluoridating the district's water supply but it has taken until now for the water to be essentially free of added fluoride.

Mark Atkin, of FLANZ, said he had timed the advertisement to run when people might be noticing a difference in how they feel.

"They ministry refuses to accept anyone is intolerant to fluoride. People are allergic to peanuts, pineapple, iodine, everything in the world some people have an intolerance to, but the ministry says people don't have one to fluoride," Mr Atkin said

In a bid to show they do have an intolerance, some of those who join the class action will be subjected to independent tests to demonstrate their reaction to fluoride.

Mr Atkin believes it is this evidence and a deal he has struck with "one of the country's top law firms" that will ultimately see the case succeed.

"We'll have all the evidence they will have none. There has been no studies to disprove chemical intolerance," he said.

Despite the risk of independent testing also revealing no link between fluoride and illness, Mr Atkin is confident that would not happen. He expected to be ready to start the suit within two years.

A spokesman for the ministry said yesterday there was no basis for any legal action about fluoridation. "Fluoridation of water supplies is supported by respected authorities, including the World Health Organisation. Water fluoridation is a safe, effective and affordable way to prevent and reduce tooth decay within communities," the spokesman said.

SOURCE URL: http://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/6118989/Lawsuit-over-fluoride-effects

While there were a few sensible comments posted on the online version, by those with actual knowledge of fluoridation, most were moronic, referring to conspiracy theories and foil-hat-wearing. It is unclear whether those posts were from real morons, or paid provocateurs.