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This page has been created because the NZ Ministry of Health has created a web site called FluorideFacts that is actually just their usual disinformation and propaganda about fluoridation.

This page provides genuine facts, from evidence-based science, that show up the disinformation spread by the Ministry of Health and others prom0ting this scientifically discredited policy.

The following sites also provide facts about fluoridation.

Second Look:

Second Look reflects the concerns and position of the NZ Fluoridation Information Service:

"Second Look is a national non-profit initiative (a Tides Center project) that evolved from grassroots frustration with public policies that are so controversial that useful, factual information becomes almost impossible for the public and even professionals to sort out. Second Look's main goal is to facilitate full public and scientific examinations of public policy issues that have become obscured by media treatment (or lack thereof), or by political rhetoric, or because of the inaccessibility of accurate information to relevant constituencies. We seek to connect with science, health, environmental, and academic organizations and professionals."

International Society for Fluoride Research:

Fluoride Action Network (USA):

Fluoride Action Network NZ: (Has considerable NZ-specific information)

FluorideFacts Critique

The People

The Ministry's web site features Robyn Haisman Welch. Ms Welch has previously shown that she is just a paid parrot. When questioned before the Hutt City Council on her claims, she demonstrated that she personally knew nothing about fluoridation. After making a fool of herself, she scurried back to her cohort withe her tail between her legs in a frenzied state because she knew she had revealed her comnplete lack of scientific knowledge.

The Prime Minister's chief science advisor, Sir Peter Gluckman, also appears on this site. He has previously publicly made the ridiculously unscientific claim that "the science is settled" over fluoridation's alleged saftey and effectiveness. Science is never sttled, as Einstein pointed out.

When asked under the Official Information Act for the science to back up his claims he refused. His office said his position was based on many studies he had read over the length of his career. This obviously means that most of those studies are those rejetced as scientific garbage by the York Review. At the time, fluoridation promoters complained that if they had to stop quoting unreliable studies they would have nothing left to quote, so should be allowed to do so. They have continued to quote such studies ever since, and ignore recent studies discrediting fluoridation. So Sir Peter relies on totally discredited science in appearing on a Ministry propaganda site.

More to come - this page is under construction.